Bird Scarers using Falconry in the UK


At large sites or open areas where perching deterrents or netting are not effective, falcons or hawks can be used to scare away large numbers of pigeons or gulls- and keep them from coming back. Specially-trained Peregrine falcons, Gyrfalcons, Goshawks or Harris hawks are commonly-used birds that have an immediate impact on any pest bird population; clearing an area almost instantly and making any bird colony nervous about returning to a site.

Birds of prey have to be flown regularly in treatment areas; usually three times a week for the first week-or-so and then reducing the frequency of flights as the pigeons or gulls become more and more wary of these predators. Falconry is almost always a long-term treatment against pest bird species and is most commonly used on ‘open’ buildings or large sites such as landfills, power stations, sports stadia and the like.

Our specialist ‘Night-Strike’ teams are used where pest birds roost in large numbers; taking advantage of the darkness to terrify gulls and prevent them from settling even in their most established nesting places throughout the breeding season.

The hawks or falcons are directed by torchlight to a target bird and the resulting shock of a night-time predator is found to be significantly more effective than daytime flying of raptors.

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