Bird AVI Shock Deterrents in the UK


Avishock is an alternative system of Pigeon Control that uses energised track designed to modify the birds’ behaviour by stimulus rather than by installing a physical barrier.

Avishock track is fixed to ledges and features where pigeons, starlings or even seagulls perch, roost or nest and delivers a harmless but disconcerting electric shock – very similar to the way that electric fencing manages farm livestock.

The track comes in three colours, is very flexible and has the lowest profile of any bird deterrent system of only 6mm; making it ideal for architecturally-challenging installations, curved features or places where spikes, wires or netting would be unacceptable or impossible to install.

Avishock provides ongoing protection regardless of location, weather or time of day and prevents birds from returning – even after only one ‘experience’ of walking on the track.

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