Sparrow Netting Installation Services for Supermarkets in the UK

Supermarket Warehouse – Wolverhampton

When a major Supermarket required alterations to its warehouse in order to accommodate taller lorries, Reactive Group were asked by the building contractors to install new sparrow exclusion netting to enclose the roof steelwork, pipes and lighting where the birds might perch, roost or nest and contaminate the stock below.

We were given 10 days to install 1,200m² of netting with supporting cables and access zips beneath each light fitting; working around other contractors and ensuring that there were no gaps wider than a finger anywhere in the net where a sparrow could squeeze through.

In addition to this, the warehouse had to be used for deliveries and a new 20m wide turntable was installed to spin delivery lorries round in the centre of the works area.

Nevertheless, works were completed on time without disrupting the operation of the store and the area remains sparrow-free.

Bon Accord Centre, Aberdeen

The roof car park at the Bon Accord Shopping Centre in Aberdeen was plagued by seagulls that would use the large open area as a night-time roosting place.

The birds would cover the floor of the car park with slippery and foul-smelling droppings each night and would become aggressive and liable to attack people who used the area during the nesting season. Weekly cleaning of the car park was an unpleasant task that only treated part of the problem but did not prevent the gulls from using the site.

To resolve this, Reactive Group Services designed and installed netting to enclose the car park completely against seagulls and force the birds to roost and nest elsewhere.

The netting was supported around the perimeter using 3m galvanised steel stanchions bolted to the existing Armco barriers, with stainless steel cables used to maintain the height and tension across the enormous area.

The car park has remained bird-free since installation and the netting has withstood Aberdeen’s lively high winds and snow without incident.

Supermarket Canopy Netting

In order to protect customer collection areas and goods from pest birds, Reactive Group Services enclose the underside of new supermarket canopies using 19mm mesh sparrow exclusion netting. Works to these canopies are usually completed in a single day - depending on the size and to tight deadlines – all without leaving a gap bigger than your little finger that would allow smaller bird species to roost or nest there.

Supermarket Roof Netting – South Shields

Many supermarkets in coastal towns are plagued by gulls that roost or nest on the large, open roofs and cause all sorts of problems with their droppings and nesting material choking gutters. Aggressive adult birds often attack customers during the breeding season and prevent maintenance works from taking place.

The ‘standing seam’ construction at this site made enclosing the area less straightforward than a normal flat roof, but specially-designed stanchions with unique clamp-on fixings ensured the gull exclusion net was securely supported and the area is now bird-free.

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