Pigeon Exclusion Netting Installation Services for Railway Stations in the UK

Railway Station – Carlisle

Pigeon exclusion netting had been installed beneath the roof of Carlisle Station some 10 years earlier and due to damage to the net, all 8,200m² were to be removed.

In any ordinary location this would not be a problem: Simply cut the supporting cables and down comes the net. Unfortunately, the West Coast Main Line runs beneath the netting – as well as 25,000 volts of electricity running through the overhead power lines and 8 separate tracks. Tricky.

Reactive Group organised possession of the tracks and isolation of the overheads with Network Rail to take place in the early morning over 4 Sundays and provided all the safety-critical staff to manage such a large and potentially dangerous site. Four specialist site teams from our Rail Division then used a fleet of scissor lifts, cherry pickers and ‘spider’ access platforms to reach and carefully remove the net, cables and perimeter fixings in sections before repairing holes in the Grade II listed stonework.

Works were completed over three visits to site without incident or delays to any train services.

Stalybridge Railway Station

Pigeons had become a nuisance at the station, using the supporting steelwork beneath the platforms canopies as perching and roosting points. The birds' presence was a constant problem for passengers and cleaning staff, fouling the platform and making the area slippery in wet conditions.

Our solution was to install netting beneath the canopies to seal off the structures to pigeons and force them to roost and nest elsewhere.

The end result?

Both the client and railway passengers have expressed their satisfaction at the completed project. Pigeon numbers are now significantly reduced around the station as a result of the work carried out.

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