Pigeon and Seagull Prevention and Control Products for Historic Buildings in the UK

York Minster – November 2010

The famous Rose Window at York Minster had suffered from pigeons roosting on the decorative stone tracery for years; causing fouling to spoil the appearance of the medieval glasswork and contaminate the areas below.

After much consultation and consideration with the Minster’s Superintendent of Works and the Master Mason as to how the birds could be best prevented from using the window, Reactive Group were given the go-ahead to install pigeon exclusion net over the front of the entire window and stonework.

Although initially concerned as to how the net would affect the appearance of the window and what damage the installation would cause to the surrounding stonework, everyone involved in the project was delighted with the results and especially the fact that the net is almost impossible to see from ground level.

Similar additional works are now being considered for other parts of the Minster.

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