Pigeon Spikes and Nets for Bridges in the UK

Hazel Grove Rail bridge

Pigeons love to roost and nest under bridges. If they can bear the noise (and they usually can), there are few better places where they can perch in relative comfort without fear of predators.

Pigeons had been roosting and nesting beneath this bridge for years; causing large amounts of droppings to collect on the pavement below, making the footpaths slippery when it rained and rather smelly in dry weather. The birds were accessing the structure through gaps in the top of the bridge as well as simply landing on the exposed steelwork below and walking along girders to their preferred roosting places.

In order to solve the problem, Reactive Group installed vibration-proof stainless steel mesh panels over the gaps on the top of the bridge and 2” mesh pigeon netting to the underside; enclosing the steelwork beams and girders above the pavements.

The external flanges of the bridge had perching deterrent spikes installed where the birds perch during the day, while the net kept the pigeons out at night.

Casestudy1: Mess accumulating beneath the bridge; Casestudy2: Mesh panels installed over gaps:  Casestudy3: Netting installed to the underside of the bridge preventing pigeons from roosting.

Green Lane bridge, Birkenhead

Pigeons had inhabited the area beneath Green Lane bridge in Birkenhead for years, causing a heavy build-up of droppings on the footpaths and road below, making life rather unpleasant for pedestrians who walked beneath the bridge and motorists that parked their cars there.

In order to stop the birds from perching above the pavements, Reactive Group Services cleaned the mess from the structure before installing netting horizontally beneath the bridge steelwork; enclosing the girders and ledges used by the pigeons.

Each section of net had to follow the lines of the bridge steelwork without projecting into the road and ensure that no gaps remained that could allow pigeons back in.

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