Starling Control including the use of Deterrents and Netting in the UK


Starlings are not the same nuisance they once were in towns and cities across the country, when thousands of birds would descend in huge flocks at dusk onto buildings to roost at night. They are still pose a problem on some buildings however, and the mess they cause does not just go away on its own.

Reactive Group install Starling exclusion netting to buildings; using 28mm x 28mm mesh net over the features where the flocks perch at night – forcing them to roost elsewhere and ending the nuisance of the mess and smell they cause.

Alternatively, Avishock energised track can also be used in the right locations against starlings depending on the numbers of birds and the affected features on buildings they use. The tiny electric shock it gives the birds when they stand on the track modifies their behaviour and makes them look for other, more comfortable places to roost.

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