Sparrow Control including the use of Deterrents and Netting in the UK


Sparrows are some of the smallest and most difficult birds to keep out of warehouses and other food storage areas where they’ll feed, nest and contaminate goods. They can fit through the tiniest gaps and will find the holes that everyone else has missed – coming and going as they please.

The best method of excluding the birds is to enclose potential roosting places beneath canopies and warehouses such as roof steel and pipework using 19mm mesh sparrow netting.

The skill is ensuring that all girder flanges, sprinkler pipes and gaps around the outside of the building are enclosed with the net and no gaps larger than the width of a little finger remain. – That’s how tricky sparrows can be.

Reactive Group are trusted by the UK’s biggest supermarkets to make sure their stores and warehouses are kept sparrow-free. Call us to provide the solution to your sparrow problems.

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