Pigeon Control including the use of Deterrents and Netting in the UK


Pigeons make a real mess of the buildings where they perch by day or roost at night. The birds’ droppings quickly choke gutters and downpipes, causing flooding inside affected buildings; while the mess that sits on buildings the ands on the pavement or warehouse floor can cause its own share of problems for building users and managers.

To prevent this from happening or end existing problems, we provide humane and non-lethal deterrent and exclusion systems to keep the birds off your property and prevent them from coming back.

Exclusion systems like pigeon netting act as a barrier to prevent the birds from accessing their favourite perches and roosting places at night, while measures such as pigeon deterrent wires can be suspended over a favoured daytime perch where the birds go to feed.

Click through the examples below to see what pigeon netting looks like when it’s been installed properly over building fronts and roof structures. You’ll also see perching deterrent wires fitted to office windows where birds may be an occasional problem and stainless steel spikes used on ledges where wires or net may be unsuitable.

You can also see examples of Avishock energised track fixed to ledges and roof edges; using a tiny electric current to deter pigeons and other species from landing and nesting.

Whether it’s a shop front, office roof or warehouse canopy, call Reactive Group to provide you with the most suitable and effective solutions for pigeon control.

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