Gull Control including the use of Deterrents and Netting in the UK


Gulls – or seagulls – can be some of the most aggressive birds you’re likely to come across in towns across the UK. Gulls regularly attack people and cause huge problems with the smell, noise and mess they make on the roofs of buildings where they roost year-round or nest in the summer.

Each species has its own challenges, but we have systems such as exclusion netting, deterrent wires or gently-electrified track we can use against them to keep them off your car park, roof or plant equipment.

Click through the images to see examples of gull netting, Avishock track and other deterrents used on a variety of buildings against seagulls and kittiwakes.

Reactive Group are the UK’s specialists at humanely keeping gulls off buildings and getting rid of their mess. - Call us to discuss your needs and we’ll provide the solution.

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